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The Best of The People Are Those Who Learn The Qur'aan and Teach It To Others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to memorize the Book of Allah just as those prestigious women of the past did.  Allah's Messenger {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} taught the Companions {Radiyallahu anhum ajma'een}  the Qur'aan with love and longing for good for  them.  The methodology that our Beloved Prophet {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} used to teach Allah's Book was 10 ayat at a time.; learning the meaning of the ayah, the reason for it being revealed, and what each and every word meant,  then they moved to the next 10, like that.

About Umm Abbaas

 About me:

  I have been muslimah for 18 years.  I entered Al-Islaam upon the Manhaaj of the Salaf. Allah blessed me to be able to make the Hijrah to Egypt in September 2000 where I officially entered upon the path of knowledge, wa lillaahi hamd.  I am currently residing in Kassala, Sudan, by the permission of my Lord and grateful to Him for it.

Who I studied from:

 This is a list of the people from whom I have studied under and what they have taught me and where they studied. 

I am not a scholar!!!

I do not have any ijaaazat!!!

I am simply sharing what has been taught to me.

Now the People that I have studied from are:

1. Umm Abdur-Rahmaan Al-lubya: 

  • She received Ijaazah from the Quraan Institute in  Zaytoon (Cairo) Egypt. I set with her for the memorization of Qur'aan and Madinah Book 1: Manhaaj:  Salafi

2. Raniyyah Muhammad: 

  • She graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. I set with her for the book Manhaajul Muslim. Her manhaaj: Salafi

3. Umm Ahmad:

  • She studied under Shaykh Uthaymeen for 12 years. I sat with her for memorization of Qur'aan:  Her manhaaj Salafi

4. Umm Abdus-Salaam Al-Amrikiyyah:

  • She was a student of Umm Ahmad who is listed above. I sat with her for Madinah Book 1 and Kitaabu Sassee:  Her manhaaj Salafi.

5. Ukhtee Dalaal:

  • She is the wife of Shaykh Nasr who teaches Al-Ajroomiyah. He was a student of Shaykh Abdul Adheem Bin Badawi . Dalaal set under her husband for Al-Ajroomiyah. In turn I  studied this book of grammar under her.  Her manhaaj: salafi

6.  Sanaa Ibraheem: 

  • She graduated from Al-Azhar University with a degree in Qur'aanic Sciences. I sat with her for memorization of Qur'aan and Tafseer Ibn Katheer:  Her manhaaj Ikhwaanee.

7.  Tawfeeq Indonessee: 

  • He graduated from Al-Azhar University with a Masters degree in the Arabic language. I studied Nahul Waadee Book 1, 2 and 3 : His manhaaj Salafi.

I am currently studying at Markaz Aisha Ummul Mu'mineen and I am a student of Shaykh Manaar Ramadaan.  He studied directly under Shaykh Muqil for over six years and others.


Who is Sabri El Tayeb:

Sabri El Tayeb is responsible for teaching the male students of All Things Qur'aan. He is a native Arabic speaker from Omdurman, Sudan.  He has studied under various scholars and is currently a student of Shaykh Manaar Ramadaan and Shaykh Muhammad Ramadaan. These are his qualifications:

1. Quran University, Omdurman, Sudan: Degree in Islamic Studies

2. Sudan University of Technology with a degree in Arabic/English/Arabic Translation

3. Diploma from Master's Institute in English with high honors

Sabri has taught Qur'aan and Islamic studies in several institutions ranging from traditional arabic schools to English Medium International Schools.

We sure welcome Sabri to our staff. 

All Things Qur'aan was founded on May 1st, 2008.  

By: Fatimah Abdulmalik As-Salafy, C.E.O 

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