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The Best of The People Are Those Who Learn The Qur'aan and Teach It To Others.

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We have set up this site for women that are ready to take their commitment of Allah's Deen to the next level.  Memorizing and holding on to the Book of Allahu ta'aalaa is a monumental undertaking.  There are sacrifices to be made and we are woman enough to stand up to the challenge, bi ithnillaah.   Memorizing the Book of Allah takes, among other things, that we rectify ourselves and be in constant remembrance of The One whose speech we are learning.  I ask that we keep the reminder of Allaah moist on our lips.  I ask that we come together to help each other memorize and practice the words of our Lord, make du'a for this, and constantly keep the Words of our Lord fresh in our minds.


There are many ways to keep Allaah's words fresh in our mind. The most important of them being Maaji'ah or review.  We must constantly recite and listen to the recitation of the Quran or it will not remain in our minds.

 o‘Abdullah b. ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The example of a man who has memorised the Qur’an is like that of a hobbled camel. If he remained vigilant, he would be able to retain it (with him), and if he loosened the hobbled camel it would escape. 

Maraaji'ah is our life now!  Memorizing during the day and standing at night is our life now!  This is what made our Salaf;  Ahsaanun Naas!

This hadith has been narrated by Ibn ‘Umar from the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him), but in the hadith transmited by Musa b. ‘Uqba, this addition is made:” When one who had committed the Qur’an to memory (or who is familiar with it) gets up (for night prayer) and recites it night and day, it remains fresh in his mind, but if he does not get up (for prayer and thus does not recite it) he forgets it.”


Standing for tahaajjud is another way of keeping the Qur'aan fresh in our minds and we can see this in the above hadeeth.  Also, if you teach what you know to others, it will help you to retain the beautiful words of our Lord.







Allah says about the soul, 'And by the soul and how We made it.  Certainly successful is the one that purifies it, and ruined is the one that spoils it.  {Suratush-Shams}

We Ask Allahu Azza Wa Jalla, that He make this for His Face only and put this in our scale for good. Ameen

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